Finally, Warmth & Sunshine!

Finally, Warmth & Sunshine!

Now that Winter has left for a while, moods are shifting with the weather. People are getting out more and staying out longer because of the added daylight. It always seems as though everyone is happier!

As green shades sprout everywhere, take advantage of that budding scenery and jog that mile you have been avoiding since the new year rolled in. For the non-joggers of the world, maybe a Yoga class would be better for you? Whatever your reasons (or excuses) are for not doing that one thing, just get out and be active in any way you can!  It doesn’t have to be “exercise.” 🙂

Maybe you aren’t avoiding anything and are excited to have an opportunity after months to breathe in the fresh, warm air as you get your heart rate up. I say go for it and convince a friend to join you!

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