If there is one thing I am absolutely sure about, it’s that I am definitely not a life expert. Not by a long shot. I don’t have all the answers. Sometimes I don’t have any answers. Sometimes I have some answers. Sometimes I have what I think is an answer, but it turns out not to be an answer. However, one thing I am 100% on is that I continually search for the right answers, always consider different perspectives, consistently remain humbled by other’s expertise, and never cease to openly share that knowledge with others. Perhaps because I’ve always made it a point to experience new things or set out to attempt any idea that pops into my head, I’m able to give an answer that works for someone. My motto: Never hurts to try something once!

So if you’re anxious, stumped, confused, angry, or otherwise need advice, support, or perspective on love, life, what to wear, what to eat, how to decorate or organize, what to cook, how to use your treadmill as a clothes hanger, or any other issue you’ve had on your mind, feel free to submit a question. I’ll randomly select questions and answer them in occasional posts. My advice will be fun and lighthearted…and I will not be as bossy with you as I am with my family. I hope.

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Welcome to The Lifestyle at Victoria Alexis.

Welcome to The Lifestyle at Victoria Alexis.

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