While running the “rat race” for over a decade, several major events helped me realize that our time on earth is short and that making the most of it is vital to our happiness.  The thought of enjoying the finer things in life and striving for the best that life has to offer – from finding balance and reward in our careers to spending more quality time with our family and friends to living a healthier lifestyle inspired the Crown LifestyleA crown is symbolic of rulers and it represents power, legitimacy, victory, triumph, honor, and glory.  When we choose to rule our own lives, we control our destiny and the quality of the life that we live.

Whether you’re a corporate professional, a stay-at-home mom, a young adult, or pre-teen/teenager, the Crown Lifestyle is accessible to all. Today’s society seems to focus on excess, but often less is more.  It isn’t about the quantity, it’s all about the quality and the Crown Lifestyle represents living a “quality life”. It is an individualized experience that comes from within and means something different for each person.  This Lifestyle encourages individuals to live a quality life. It symbolizes success in:

  • overcoming adversity
  • exploring new opportunities
  • accomplishing a desired career path
  • going out of your comfort zone in pursuit of personal goals
  • making the world a better place by helping others
  • self-improvement
  • increased faith
  • improving health and fitness
  • treating your body like a temple
  • surrounding yourself with positive people
  • enriching life with travel and learning about other cultures
  • reducing stress
  • being a better parent, spouse, friend, sibling, and all-around person
  • spending more quality time with loved ones

The L.A.V.A. Lounge was created to support the pursuit of this Lifestyle At Victoria Alexis.  I am excited to go on this journey with you.



Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Victoria Alexis

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